Stephanie Salo lives in Northern California where she specializes in food, product, and editorial photography. Shooting professionally for over a decade, she strives to capture the reality of the moment, revealing a sense of freshness, warmth, mystery, or playfulness, as the mood of each image dictates.

  • A few faves...
  • family, faith, makin' memories, photography, tunes everywhere, maui, canon, pesto, popcorn, toes in the sand, bacon, scuba, pizza, mendocino, blue starfish, dahlias, spicy, huuuugs, belly laughs, coastal living, cupcakes, ehilderbrand, bleu cheese, jpatterson, bubbles, breakfast4dinner, mac, movies, nantucket, orange blossoms, marmalade, fishing, box of 96, lots of butter, lavender, converse tennies, tahoe, champagne, 4seasons, going for it, azure blue water, vineyards, honesty, photoshop, roller coasters, rocky, chips & guac, strawberry lemonade, sunset, garlic, spaghetti trees, sauv blanc, grown-up mac n' cheese, scrabble, snickerdoodles, a full moon, mom's bread n' butter pickles, potterybarn, bbq, 7th inning stretch, creativity, cribbage, flipflops, 7iron, black licorice, sea grass, crisp linens, lighthouses, rice pudding, collaboration, a job well done, tickets to paradise, no excuses, no regrets